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Australian Labradoodle


19.5″ (at shoulders)







Date of Birth:



  • Come
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Dog Agility Equipment
  • Go to Mark
  • Speak
  • Bow
  • Sit Pretty/Up
  • Hold Objects
  • Carry Objects
  • Retrieve
  • Wave
  • Crawl
  • Roll Over
  • And More!
About knee height, Sundog stands at a perfect medium size. When in full coat, she sports a long luxurious wavy fleece that flows when she runs. A short cut bestows a sporty and athletic look to her. Her favorite hobbies include fetching and running off-leash through the woods in Arizona and New Mexico. Having always had an adventurous spirit, Sundog loves to try new things. Coupled with that, she enjoys learning new behaviors. Sundog’s experience includes appearing in a live studio segment for Arizona Midday, a local TV show highlighting small businesses. She has also graced multiple dog-related calendars as a calendar girl. Sundog has just begun to pursue her canine acting career.
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